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It's A Journey!

Growing up, I knew I wanted to do something business related as I developed strong networking skills at a young age and knew how to "work the room" - even once scoring my Dad and I free courtside seats from one of the top investors of the Charlotte Hornets when I was 11 years old.

The Problem

 In High School, I was much more focused on sports than academics. I would have muttered a big "uhhhhhhh....." if you asked me what my future plan and goals were. If there was a Senior Superlative for "Most likely to just get by", I would have been the self proclaimed champion. I knew this was a problem that needed to be corrected if I was going to piece together the big vision that I had Won Day. 

Turning Point

I decided the best thing to do in order to discover my untapped potential and develop as a leader was to attend The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. This turned out to be one of my best life decisions as I developed and retained strong goal setting habits, refined my focus, and built the foundation for the life I live today.

During my first semester, Fall 2011, I wrote a list of goals for the first time in my life. Accomplishing some of those goals was the best feeling ever, and I never turned back from there. This simple list of goals evolved into a "Success Book" where I have documented each goal I have written since college. 

In college, I gained my first mentor, Bob Farina. Bob helped me change the way I think, and reinforced the importance of goal setting, family, and giving back. Since meeting Bob, I amassed an "Army of Mentors" and I would not be where I am today without them and without learning how to be goal oriented.

Following college, I began my career at The Boeing Company in a well sought after Business Rotation Program that accepts roughly 30 new graduates across the country. 

Why am I doing this?

Simply put, because I love seeing people turn their vision into a reality. With the right system in place, you can make anything happen. While building the system takes time, it's not hard and that is what I strive to teach!

While I have been fortunate enough to earn several prestigious awards in my mid 20's, the best accomplishment is when someone tells me that they wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for my mentorship and advice.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and work with you in the future!

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